Employment & Internships

If you are interested in working in a full-time, longer-term capacity for the Wesley Foundation, please contact our Executive Director.

STUDENTS & RECENT GRADUATES: We have hired our interns for Fall 2017 – Spring 2018. Each spring semester, the Wesley Foundation at OSU begins a discernment process for student leadership for the summer and following school year. Internships and volunteer positions vary from year to year. Payment for work varies depending on the ministry’s most pressing needs and financial resources. Preference is often given to students who participate and have shown previous leadership in our community; however, these qualities are not required to apply for consideration.

Worship, ministry and programming internships require significant interpersonal skills with people of a diverse range of backgrounds, as well as a commitment to support weekly worship and to participate in a small group and attend coaching sessions with older staff members.

All interns and student leaders are expected to be able to practice a growth mindset, to work independently, to keep commitments, to communicate in a timely manner, to ask for help when facing challenges, and to better understand and live out our mission statement: Making Disciples, Creating Leaders, Transforming Lives.

Also important for students is to practice flexibility and compassion for others. The Wesley Foundation at OSU is in the midst of significant organizational change. We expect our team to live out daily loving God and loving others, as we shift and grow together.

Please prepare your responses in advance in a Word document, then copy and paste into this online form. Also, please try to limit each response to no more than 250 words. You are encouraged to email a copy of your resumé and any questions to Rev. Michael Bartley at osupastor@gmail.com

Deadline to apply in Spring 2018 TBD.