Day 6

May 5, 2014

By Mallory Ross

Today was the most difficult day I have had so far. The ride from Alva to Woodward is pretty hilly and the wind was working against me a lot of the way. However, I find it quite amazing the way the human body is capable of recovering. I found myself contemplating the resilience of the body and found that the resilience of the body has a lot to do with the condition of the character. There are times when I find myself discouraged and negative. During those times, everything is difficult and loneliness sets in.

Before this journey began, I found myself worrying about my inadequacy. Would I be capable of the mental game that comes with cycling? Would I find that I have that fight within me to keep going?

I have learned a ton about myself and what I am capable of doing. I am constantly turning to different inspirations in my life and thinking of those things and people help pull me out of the many slumps.

My favorite part of this day was getting to see my family and also getting to catch up with some great friends in Woodward. I have been reminded lately about the importance of where you come from and regret not being more grateful for the community that raised me.

I hope this finds you all well and that God continues to bless your lives daily!!


Things I learned from Day 6:

I often hear lines from inspirational sports movies in my head as I am struggling on a ride. My favorite: Denzel Washington from Remember the Titans. “Will you ever quit?!!!”

I am so blessed to be a product of Northwest Oklahoma.

You are never too old to wander around the Wal Mart of your hometown with great friends. It is true that not all those that wander are lost. In small towns, the wanders are bored.