Day 5

May 4, 2014

By Mallory Ross

Today was a good day. The trip from Wakita to Alva was not too long but a little windy. I am reminded over and over that Oklahoma has a very unique beauty. The immensity of the landscapes and sky create a beauty that is hard to describe and impossible to accurately capture even in a photograph.

Some might think feeling small would be discouraging but there is actually some comfort in being reminded of how small we actually are. I was reminded of the Gandhi quote, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

The vanity of our society makes it very easy to think that everything we do will have a major impact but being reminded that we are a tiny part of a huge plan is a beautiful thing. In the meantime, lets keep living and doing small things with great love!!


Things I learned from Day 5:

I have become too comfortable with speaking to myself out loud while riding. Hopefully that doesn’t begin to overflow into other social settings.

I have found encouragement in some of the most unlikely places.

I would happily enter a debate with anyone calling Oklahoma a “Fly-Over State.”