Day 3

April 24, 2014

By Mallory Ross

Today was awesome! I had a short ride from Winfield to Wellington so I ate breakfast in a local diner in Winfield. I had a wonderful conversation with a table of people about what I was doing and they insisted on paying for my meal. I continued to be reminded of the goodness of people when I arrived in Wellington. I stayed with an incredible family that was so hospitable and welcoming. I had the opportunity to attend an after school program for elementary kids and high school youth group, to discuss my bike trip. I was so encouraged by their community of faith and how they work together to do some really incredible things for the kingdom. They care deeply for one another and seem to really know who Christ is. ~Mallory Things I learned from Day 3: 20 mph crosswinds are not too much fun. A thumbs up from a passing car is one of the most energizing things. They also always seem to come when I need them most. They must be able to see the struggle. Making friends at local diners is a great experience. I should never miss an opportunity to learn from someone else even in unlikely places.